Who are we?

A team of professionals, from corporate strategies, financial accountings, tax advisories, who are at the top of their field that came together to create MC Business Group. A consulting firm here to help you with everything you need for success. Based in Southern California, with over ten years of experience from each person in their field. For your idea, or business plan to be executed with perfection, you need a team, and we are that team.

From the very beginning of setting up your business model, operations, to human resource, recruiting, management, marketing, lead generation, to financial advising and tax consultation. A full service business consulting firm, with you in mind.

Our Services

Starting your Business

Starting your business may be daunting, scary, and exciting all at the same time. You may also have a lot of questions, and missed a lot of areas in planning. Let a consultant help you. Whether it’s knowing the difference of forming an LLC with a business partner, or going sole proprietorship, or starting with an S corporation, our tax consultants and financial advisors can help every step of the way.

Corporate Strategy

In which direction do you want your business to head? Do you need to restructure for future growth? Corporate strategy defines the work environment for your business, and also sets up the basis for how your company will compete. Do you need more flexibility or commitment? Have uncertainty? Our experts are here to help.

Individual Investment Advisory

Looking future investments are just wanting to get some advice? There is an endless amount of ideas floating around, and the marketing is ever changing, always creating new opportunities. Are you looking to make an invest in a new or existing business idea? What are some of the questions you may have? Let our experts understand where you want to go.

Financial and Accounting Advisory

Losing track of your finances? MC Business Group LLC, has a full staff of accountants and financial analysts, to assist you. Want to restructure your personal finances along with your business? Or just want a little advice? Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of our experts today.

Tax and Audit Advisory

IRS problems? Tax questions? Or perhaps you owe back taxes and penalties. Let one of our tax professionals take a look. Our IRS Enrolled Agents and CPA’s are on your side, and you should never be along with dealing with tax issues.

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